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Bytecode Outline plugin for Eclipse

Bytecode Outline plugin shows disassembled bytecode of current Java editor or class file, allows bytecode compare for Java/class files and shows ASMifier code for current bytecode.

Screen shots

Screen shot 1

Screen shot 2


The Bytecode Outline plugin can be installed from the Eclipse Update Manager with the ObjectWeb Eclipse Update Site http://download.forge.objectweb.org/eclipse-update/

Alternatively, the plugin can be downloaded from the ObjectWeb Forge site, and manually installed in the Eclipse plugins directory.


To see the bytecode of the current .java or .class file:

  • Window -> Show View -> Other -> Java -> Bytecode

To compare the bytecode of two .java or .class files:

  • select two *.class or *.java files -> right click -> Compare with -> Each Other Bytecode


  • select one *.class or *.java file -> right click -> Compare with -> Another Class Bytecode

Compare also works for *.class files included in any referenced *.jar library. Additional details can be found on author home page at http://andrei.gmxhome.de/bytecode/index.html

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