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Class org.objectweb.asm.util.TraceClassVisitor

The superclass changed from org.objectweb.asm.util.TraceAbstractVisitor to org.objectweb.asm.ClassVisitor.
Removed interface org.objectweb.asm.ClassVisitor.

Change from non-final to final.

Added Constructors
TraceClassVisitor(ClassVisitor, Printer, PrintWriter) Constructs a new TraceClassVisitor.

Removed Methods
TraceFieldVisitor createTraceFieldVisitor()  
TraceMethodVisitor createTraceMethodVisitor()  
void main(String[]) Prints a disassembled view of the given class to the standard output.

Removed Fields
PrintWriter pw The print writer to be used to print the class.

Added Fields
Printer p The object that actually converts visit events into text.

Changed Fields
ClassVisitor cv Field was locally defined, but is now inherited from ClassVisitor. Change from final to non-final.
The class visitor to which this visitor must delegate method calls.