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Class org.objectweb.asm.tree.analysis.Analyzer

Changed Constructors
Analyzer(Interpreter<V>) Change in type from Interpreter to Interpreter<V>.
Constructs a new Analyzer.

Added Methods
void init(String, MethodNode) Initializes this analyzer.
boolean newControlFlowExceptionEdge(int, TryCatchBlockNode) Creates a control flow graph edge corresponding to an exception handler.

Changed Methods
List<TryCatchBlockNode> getHandlers(int) Change in return type from List to List<TryCatchBlockNode>.
Returns the exception handlers for the given instruction.
Frame<V> newFrame(int, int) Change in return type from Frame to Frame<V>.
Constructs a new frame with the given size.
Frame<V> newFrame(Frame<? extends V>) Change in return type from Frame to Frame<V>.
Change in signature from Frame to (Frame<? extends V>).
Constructs a new frame that is identical to the given frame.