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Class org.objectweb.asm.tree.AbstractInsnNode

Changed Constructors
AbstractInsnNode(int) Documentation changed from old to new.
Constructs a new AbstractInsnNode.

Added Methods
int getType() Returns the type of this instruction.

Changed Methods
void accept(MethodVisitor) Change in signature from CodeVisitor to MethodVisitor.
Documentation changed from old to new.
Makes the given code visitor visit this instruction.
int getOpcode() Documentation changed from old to new.
Returns the opcode of this instruction.

Added Fields
int FIELD_INSN The type of FieldInsnNode instructions.
int IINC_INSN The type of IincInsnNode instructions.
int INSN The type of InsnNode instructions.
int INT_INSN The type of IntInsnNode instructions.
int JUMP_INSN The type of JumpInsnNode instructions.
int LABEL The type of LabelNode "instructions".
int LDC_INSN The type of LdcInsnNode instructions.
int LOOKUPSWITCH_INSN The type of LookupSwitchInsnNode instructions.
int METHOD_INSN The type of MethodInsnNode instructions.
int MULTIANEWARRAY_INSN The type of MultiANewArrayInsnNode instructions.
int TABLESWITCH_INSN The type of TableSwitchInsnNode instructions.
int TYPE_INSN The type of TypeInsnNode instructions.
int VAR_INSN The type of VarInsnNode instructions.