org.ow2.asmdex Provides a small and fast bytecode manipulation framework for Android DEX format.
org.ow2.asmdex.encodedValue Represents values encoded in the DEX file.
org.ow2.asmdex.instruction Abstract reprepresentation of instructions during code generation.
org.ow2.asmdex.lowLevelUtils Utility classes (file reader, value encoders, ...)
org.ow2.asmdex.specificAnnotationParser This package implements specific parsers for system annotations.
org.ow2.asmdex.specificAnnotationVisitors This package implements specific visitors for system annotations.
org.ow2.asmdex.structureCommon Some elements that are both useful for reading and generating code.
org.ow2.asmdex.structureReader Abstract representation of some complex items kept as they are read.
org.ow2.asmdex.structureWriter Representation of the items that build the code as they are being prepared to be emited in the dex file.
org.ow2.asmdex.tree Provides an ASMDEX visitor that constructs a tree representation of the classes it visits.
org.ow2.asmdex.util Tools that can be used with ASMDEX.