Class AnnotationWriterDefaultAnnotation

  extended by org.ow2.asmdex.AnnotationVisitor
      extended by org.ow2.asmdex.AnnotationWriter
          extended by org.ow2.asmdex.AnnotationWriterDefaultAnnotation

public class AnnotationWriterDefaultAnnotation
extends AnnotationWriter

AnnotationWriter specialized for DefaultAnnotation.

Julien Névo

Field Summary
protected  ClassDefinitionItem classDefinitionItem
          The Class related to this Annotation.
Fields inherited from class org.ow2.asmdex.AnnotationWriter
annotationItem, annotationType, currentName, father, mustSortArray, unsortedArray
Fields inherited from class org.ow2.asmdex.AnnotationVisitor
api, av
Constructor Summary
AnnotationWriterDefaultAnnotation(ConstantPool constantPool, AnnotationItem annotationItem, ClassDefinitionItem classDefinitionItem)
          Constructor for the default annotations.
Method Summary
 void visit(java.lang.String name, java.lang.Object value)
          Visits a primitive value of the annotation.
 void visitEnd()
          Visits the end of the annotation.
Methods inherited from class org.ow2.asmdex.AnnotationWriter
createAnnotationWriter, getAnnotationItem, setMustSortArray, visitAnnotation, visitArray, visitClass, visitEndRegisterAnnotationItemNotDefaultAnnotation, visitEnum, visitManageNonDefaultAnnotation
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Field Detail


protected ClassDefinitionItem classDefinitionItem
The Class related to this Annotation. This is only useful for Default Annotation, and must not be set in any other cases.

Constructor Detail


public AnnotationWriterDefaultAnnotation(ConstantPool constantPool,
                                         AnnotationItem annotationItem,
                                         ClassDefinitionItem classDefinitionItem)
Constructor for the default annotations.

constantPool - constant pool
annotationItem - annotation item
classDefinitionItem -
Method Detail


public void visit(java.lang.String name,
                  java.lang.Object value)
Description copied from class: AnnotationVisitor
Visits a primitive value of the annotation.

visit in class AnnotationWriter
name - the value name.
value - the actual value, whose type must be Byte, Boolean, Character, Short, Integer, Long, Float, Double, String or Type. This value can also be an array of byte, boolean, short, char, int, long, float or double values (this is equivalent to using visitArray and visiting each array element in turn, but is more convenient).


public void visitEnd()
Description copied from class: AnnotationVisitor
Visits the end of the annotation.

visitEnd in class AnnotationWriter